• HACo cooling system, credited inventor; A climate system that allows to cool below the wetbulb without losing the efficiency caused by condensation. An energy balanced design that greatly exceeds the cooling efficiencies of mechanical cooling and relies mainly on an optimal combination of maintaining and reusing energy. WO 2017/176114

  • Continuous Ventilation Ridge Beam, credited inventor (shared); The invention is directed to an actively controlled ridge beam as part of the greenhouse. This produces a greenhouse no longer dependent on wind direction or subjected to storm settings and optimized to always control the air exchange of the internal climate. WO 2019/125169

  • Air Distribution Conduit, credited inventor; A new innovative design that improves installation effort, energy consumption and optimizes the overall required space of climate distributing conduits in greenhouses. WO 2019/185503

  • Developing Impact Assessment Methods; an approach for addressing inherent problems
    Springer Berlin Heidelberg – 2nd May 2011 – co-author
    In developing new impact assessment methods (IAMs), for environmental applications, as well as for non-environmental disciplines, many inherent and underlying problems are encountered. Such problems hamper the development of IAMs and their adequate use, because it is difficult to assess which problem plays the most important role. Moreover, circumstances and the influence of the problem on the method and its development are uncertain. This publication describes the foundation of a framework that integrates methods, context and circumstances, and denotes problems and directions for possible solutions. A scenario describes the possible employment of the framework in developing a new impact assessment method.