To feed the world, we must shoot for the stars...

At Agronomic Research & Climate Technology the focus lies on finding new innovations, nurturing them to existence and realising a more efficient greenhouse concept overall. Eventually, leading to a solution that can feed the entire world, equally.

We strive to achieve this with providing the best recommendations, designs and support in the field of optimized and high-tech greenhouses. Their capabilities have been greatly unexploited on many crops and will form the source of high efficient yield for all. While existing technology still holds many additions to implement, new innovations only can come forth from an active approach. For this reason the main focus of ARC-Technology lies on research and identifying new fields for improvement.

To develop something new, we must first know what can be improved.

The value of Experience

While experience is only valuable in the eye of the beholders, the past decade has led to multiple innovations and an upcoming greenhouse revolution. The future of the horticultural industry will move towards more focus on the details; the optimisation and integration between structure, climate and growing methodology.

Often the first suggestion is to consider complex and high-investment designs as the return of investment is what should guide any budget defined design. You may be better off to build a smaller project for the same cost if the ROI is better. In this, the increasing experience of the market is supporting how new and complex systems do pay out. While slow, the shift from large projects towards high-tech and optimized designs becomes clearer everyday. In this, ARC-Technology will hold value during the design and initial operational phase, helping you to get the best design and running it to the highest potential.

Overlooked Element

The element you didn’t know you needed, you don’t expect and would’ve been eluding you for more months, is the element that external consultancy often provides. The fresh look, the different perspective and on most occasions, the integration with climate requirements. They’re not your main field, yet they yield so much gain when applied to your designs.

Integrating the Physics side with the Biology and Plant Feeling of growers, to optimize all facets are required to be taken into consideration.

The importance of diversity

With a diverse desire for fruits and vegetables, multiple cultivars require attention and support. With ongoing research to optimize not just the cultivars’ climate, but the overal greenhouse climate any crop can be optimized and meet the growers desired conditions. The final result is clearly depicted with beautiful fruits, yet the road towards this is a long and complex route. It’s not hard to grow something, but it’s an Art to Grow a clean, beautiful crop while still holding high yields.

The contradictions of Air

While it is all around us, we can’t live without it and greatly prefer a very narrow bandwidth of conditions, how it works is often eluding us. This, despite it being the most important aspect of a climate to control. Where does it go and how does it flow, controlling and steering it in the desired directions is an everyday challenge. Ironically the less you fight your climate and merely nudge it, the more it complies and moves towards your preferences. With a great understanding of fluid dynamics, we can provide in-depth analyses and models from which a deeper understanding will be presented.